scientist looking at the microscope

Scientists Are Working to Create New, Adaptive Stem Cells to Repair Damaged Tissue

UNSW Sydney have been studying the possibility of a new type of stem cell made from human fat. These cells have regenerative abilities and would adapt to their surroundings to repair a range of damaged tissue.

Simple But Powerful Cell Regeneration

Dr Vashe Chandrakanthan, a senior researcher at UNSW Sydney, says there are two main possibilities for potential clinical application.

“One idea is to take the patient’s fat cells, put it into a machine where it incubates with this compound. When ready, these reprogrammed cells could be put into a vial, and then injected into the patient,” says Dr Chandrakanthan.

“Another option is to combine the two compounds into a simple mini-pump that could be installed in the body, like a pacemaker.”

This mini-pump could theoretically be put near the body part needing assistance (for example, the heart), where it could dispense regulated doses to create new stem cells.

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