Here at Cellf GP and Wellness Clinic, along with our naturopath, Heather Pitman, we work to find the best support so that you can feel good. Naturopathy helps you build achievable goals and plans for your own wellness. Optimal health can be easily achieved with dedicated professionals helping you on your journey with advanced health solutions.

“A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside.” – Robert Urich

All naturopathic treatments are tailored to each unique patient, with evidence based support and a holistic mindset. We work to help you reach your best health goals and feel happier, healthier and more motivated to live your best life.

Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

A naturopath can help you with:
  • Empowerment and Learning Your Body
  • Investigating Allergies, Health and More
  • Assisting with a ‘Fresh Start’
  • Optimising Bodily Function
Naturopaths are often employed to assist with these issues:
  • Gut Health – IBS, SIBO, bloating, food reactivity, dysbiosis and nutritional deficiencies
  • Immune Health – Repetitive colds/infections, autoimmune issues, COVID recovery and acute immune support
  • Mental Health – Anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep support and chronic pain
  • Reproductive Health – Endometriosis, irregular cycles, period pain, PMS and post-pill health
  • Endocrine Health – Energy, fatigue, brain fog, vertigo and thyroid health

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopath -Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Naturopathic practices have existed for thousands of years.

Naturopathy is where science meets wellness.

The process incorporates your identity into the treatment plan

  • your personality
  • habits
  • health history
  • genetic genome and more
  • to tailor a plan that suits you in your wellness journey.

The goal is to achieve balance in your nutritional habits and lifestyle with supporting coaching, education, pathology, functional testing and even herbal and nutritional medicines.

Naturopath -Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Our Qualified Naturopath

Heather Pitman is Cellf GP and Wellness Clinic’s in-house naturopath.

She is a qualified naturopath with a Bachelor’s in Health Science. As a practitioner, Heather is focused on continual education from both her mentors and the industry leaders of functional medicine.

Heather’s priority is client centred care and slow sustainable change that empowers her patients. Her purpose is to help you have a lifelong and successful journey with wellness and optimising your function.

Naturopathy Process

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Review your Health History
  3. Analyse your Systems
  4. Physical Examination
  5. Reviewing of Tests, Paperwork
  6. Initial Treatment Plan
  7. Scale and Measure Results


Initial Consultation
(60-90 minutes)
This includes a thorough exploration of your health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Follow-Up Consultation
(60 minutes)
A check-in to help implement the next stages of your naturopath treatment plan.

Acute Immune Consultation
(30 minutes)
A quick consultation to support you when you are feeling run-down or are struggling with your wellbeing.

Cellf Wellness and GP Clinic Offering Holistic Care Through Evidence-Based Practice.

Our aim is to partner with you to achieve optimal health in your life.

Book your appointment with our Naturopath Heather Pitman today.