Infra-Red Sauna

Our Infra-Red Sauna is a Cedar built frame which uses electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths 3 µm-1 mm, our sauna offers a combination of full spectrum colour, NEAR & FAR infra-red light to generate a range of health benefits. Infrared light is still able to increase your body’s temperature while penetrating deeper into the skin and improving the health of your mitochondria-the power station of every cell in the body.

Infra-red exposure can lead to two biological processes known as photostimulation and photobiomodulation which are responsible for many of the health benefits such as:

  • Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated some studies suggest treatments may increase endorphins and improve mood
  • Assist in recovery after exercise
  • Increased lymphatic flow which means better detoxification, oedema support and improved delivery of nutrients.
  • Cardiovascular health support, research suggest in some cases it can aid stabilising blood pressure 
  • Increased energy through improved ATP production in the mitochondria 
  • Increased detoxification, eliminating wastes improves mood, motivation, sleep and energy 
  • Mimics exercise and therefore can support weight management 
  • Improved blood flow to the brain, to support cognition and aging
  • Upregulating immune function 
  • May help reduce pain in some conditions such as arthritis 
  • Potential to increase collagen and elastin and improve skin texture 
  • Angiogenesis potential (growth of new blood cells)
  • Lowers reactive oxygen species assisting improved healing and repair  
  • Encouraging BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) which helps support learning and memory in the brain 
  • Anti-aging potential due to upregulation of heat shock proteins which protect the quality of proteins we make for longevity. 


When you arrive, you will be greeted by our friendly team, we offer a space to change clothes if needed and prepare for your appointment, recommended clothing is gym clothes, loose fit or bathers as you feel comfortable. 

Cellf GP doesn’t have a shower but offers towels for the end of your session, research supports that the benefits of photobiomodulation (generated during an infrared sauna treatment) keep working after the treatment has occurred and it is best to allow the body to naturally return to its homeostatic temperature.

The sauna’s Bluetooth connectivity allows you to listen to your preferred music, podcast, or meditation as you please. 

Allow an hour to get yourself prepared and enjoy your time in the sauna without having to rush off afterwards. Single session or multi session packs are available. 


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