Heather Pitman

Naturopath Perth

A Naturopath considers what makes change possible for you, this means considering your personality, habits, mind set, health history and genetics.

Naturopathy is about supporting your body to regain balance or homeostasis, achieved by the removing obstacles to health and increasing the things in life that increase health. Starting with small steps that along change to be gradual and sustainable until you are doing them on autopilot.

Dr Rhona Creegan, Nutritionist PhD Perth

Dr Rhona Creegan, PhD

Nutritionist Perth

A qualified nutritionist can devise a balanced eating plan specifically for your body, tailored to help you achieve your ideal wellness goals. These eating plans will be sustainable, reasonable and healthy.

Eating plans can also be made to suit your personal preferences (within reason) by Dr Creegan, so that you will be able to enjoy your wellness journey.